To Return America and Jobs to Its People

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I have a series of more than 160 YouTube-posted videos (numbered from 1-133 with some sub videos), each typically from 5 to 20 minutes long, providing viewers with information about the country's economic disaster not being told to you by the nation's daily newspapers or other main media. For example, in Video#2, entitled "Stop Paying Your Mortgage!", you will learn why you should stop paying your mortgage and in essence want and invite the lender to bring a foreclosure action against you (in the 22 states where a foreclosure action is required) and how USURY in various forms have made favored corporations and individuals fantastically wealthy while impoverishing almost everyone else, with a loss of jobs, opportunity, real estate values, retirement investments and especially their civil rights. Take a look at my list of videos to see how many of them you should view to become better informed by clicking on My List of YouTube Videos, ## 1-133 and Growing.

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America is a great country and has led the world for most of the 20th Century. This leadership has been based on the ability of America to stay ahead of the rest of the world through greater productivity than any other country, involving a merger of many components including character of American citizens and citizens to be, quality of education, creativity in maximizing productivity and marketing, creativity in new and improved products and services, quality and character of political leadership, responsiveness of elected officials to the desires and needs of the people, fairness in application of law and criminal justice system, a system for delivery of healthcare, dentalcare and medicines to enable all citizens and others to obtain appropriate services and medicines, and a fair division of the economic pie.

There has been an obvious decline in America of the quality of these components that have made America so great. Our educational system is at best second rate (with too many students receiving college training for non-existent jobs with major corporations, government agencies and the military - which then train new employees in their own training programs); adequate healthcare is denied a majority of the people, with 40% or so being uninsured and unable to pay the costs when a medical crisis occurs - and with ObamaCare only making things worse and less capable of solution; our technology has been given to and greatly improved by other countries; our elected officials respond more to the needs of corporations or countries that provide economic incentives to American leaders to divert the American economy away from the American people and into the hands of corporations and foreign countries whose interests are often indistinguishable; and the "economic growth" of this country is handed over to the largest corporations, their shareholders and high corporate executives, and the small percentage of enablers (such as consultants, investment bankers, accounting firms, law firms, Senators, Representatives, other elected officials, and think tank officials).

While all of this is going on, America has lost its way, and the jobs that are needed to maintain American greatness and a world-class standard of living.

American policy implemented by all administrations starting with the Nixon Administration (in 1969 or 1970, which was pushed to the extreme by the Bill Clinton Presidency, and which will be pushed even further upon the election of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency on November 8, 2016) has been to move American jobs to other countries. The excuse or reason is that American consumers profit from the lower prices of goods made in foreign countries and shipped into America, to go on sale in retail prices substantially lower than the same products when made by Americans.

The reasoning is flawed. The lower prices create profits for the large multinational companies (whether they are "American" companies or foreign companies selling to American consumers), and lower prices to consumers for the products involved, but the real cost of these profits is the elimination of perhaps 25% to 50% or more of the high-paying American jobs and the replacement of perhaps half of the lost jobs with starvation-wage jobs equivalent to less than 10 hours per week of work for the better jobs now lost.

The reason that your elected officials have allowed this to take place is that there are trillions of dollars involved in selling American jobs to other countries. These trillions of dollars are made by the largest corporations in the world, many of which are not "American" corporations, and if you will think about the problem for a few moments you will come to the conclusion that even the "American" corporations that do this to America are no longer "American" corporations.

Then, why do we in America give away our country to non-American corporations and to foreign countries? The answer is that corporations and foreign countries with their huge amounts of capital are able to influence the actions of our elected leaders in the United States to pass laws allowing this stealing of America and American jobs to take place, or at least to stop any enforcement of law that would prevent the theft and loss of American jobs from taking place.

We can't pay the costs of adequate healthcare services, rent or mortgage payments, new cars, food, restaurants, travel, new computers, new telephones and smartphones, changing from cassettes to CD's and DVD's and then to other media, for example, without jobs paying more than is being paid per hour in India and China, but that is what our political leaders are doing. In exchange for being given the money to stay in office (and stop a reformer from getting in, I might add), the political leaders enable American jobs to be shipped to other countries (including Mexico, China, India - and others) for the huge profit of the corporations and foreign countries involved, and with a loss of jobs to millions of Americans and at a huge, ever- increasing loss (in the form of a deficit and unfavorable balance of trade) for the United States.

I have to add something new at this point, which takes a long time to sink in for most persons (including myself). The United States should not be borrowing money from banks or the Federal Reserve which are guaranteed by the United States. This started in 1913 with creation of the Federal Reserve, and put this country from the start (in 1913) upon an economic course that only gets worse and should never have been started. [Years earlier the King of England had to borrow from the Rothschilds because the King was broke, but the United States was not in a similar position; it should have issued money directly without any borrowing, without paying any interest, and NOT HAVING ANY DEFICIT TO WORRY ABOUT. By issuing money directly, the U.S. would not be borrowing, would owe no money, and would have no deficit - but how do we fix this problem today - and the answer is that the politicians financed and elected through beneficiaries of the ill-conceived Federal Reserve System are not able to fix the system, assuming they even can describe the problem to fix.) The U.S. has the power to issue money, which would create jobs, and involve no "deficit", but will not do so. Instead, we are going to continue our accelerated trend towards total concentration of the economy into a few hands with resulting loss of our civil rights, standard of living, jobs, and most everything else we are trying to save. Note: I tried to obtain the Libertarian Party's nomination (as one of 4 candidates) in 2012, and was the Libertarian candidate for New York State Attorney General in 2015 and 2011, and ran as the Reform Party candidate for Mayor of NYC in 2013.

Now, returning to the economic problem. There is an answer to this problem, to return the lost jobs to American workers. This will return America to Americans.

The solution (in light of the foregoing problems) is to enforce our nation's laws at the lowest level of goverment, because the highest levels of government in the United States have been bought off. So, instead of looking to the federal or state governments for the solution (i.e., the governments that have created the problem), we must turn to the 18,500 lowest governmental units in the United States, the nation's towns and villages.

The author of this website (Carl E. Person, candidate as listed above and, additional, candidate for New York Attorney General - Green Party, 2006) has created two sets of platforms to accomplish the return of jobs to America. The first website is 16 Election Issues for Town/Village Elections and the other website is for Person's candidacy for New York Attorney General (and others seeking a statewide office in any state), at 40 Election Issues for New York Attorney General Campaign or Other Statewide Candidacy.

The thrust of the election issues website is to enable small business to prosper by enforcing the nation's existing antitrust laws and by providing services to small business that will make them more efficient. This will reduce the outsourcing of jobs to other countries and create a substantial needed expansion of small business in the United States, including the creation of millions of higher-paying jobs and an increased standard of living for Americans, and a lowering of the profits of "American" and foreign multinational corporations that are now making their profits by stealing from America and Americans.

Management and Enforcement of the Rights of Individuals Has Been Lost - Solving the Problem

The wealth of the country is allocated through the creation and enforcement of rights. Congress creates rights for favored persons (generally large corporations) worth billions of dollars to an individual company. When these rights are granted to a major corporation, they are entitled to go into court to enforce such rights if somebody tries to prevent them from obtaining what rightfully belongs to it. Major corporations have departments responsible for encouraging Congress or state legislatures to grant desired rights; they have other departments responsible for operating the business interests needed to capialize upon such rights. And the corporations have legal departments and major law firms around the country and world to go into court to enforce such rights when anyone (even a federal or state agency or official) attempts to interfere with such rights.

Many of the corporate rights center around trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, databases, programs and other intellectual property, and the type of law that has developed to watch over, manage and enforce such rights is known as intellectual property law.

The major corporations are not shy about going into court to obtain relief when they see their intellectual property or other interests threatened by anyone. The costs of doing this for a major corporation are generally comparable to the price of a taxicab ride in relation to the value of the right being enforced. Even though the cost might be $1,000,000 to enforce a valuable right, the right may be worth many billions of dollars, and even a $1,000,000 legal cost is only 1/10,000th of an assumed $10 billion right involved.

Enforcement of rights by individuals, however, is decidedly different. The main stream media, owned and controlled by the major corporations, makes it clear to the public that it is considered in bad taste to sue to enforce individual rights. They argue that the cost of defending a lawsuit by an injured member of the public is just a waste of the corporation's valuable time and money. In fact, the major corporations have put elected legislators and a U.S. President into office at this time who are making a valiant effort through new legislation and judicial appointments to ensure that fewer and fewer rights of individuals will be enforceable in court.

The main problem for individuals, however, is the exceedingly high cost of enforcement of rights. Because of the demand by major corporations for highly skilled lawyers, the hourly rate paid by major corporations for skilled lawyers working in major law firms has skyrocketed to an effective rate between $500 and $1,000 per hour or more, but the results for the major corporations are undoubtedly worthwhile. The major corporations keep getting larger and more profitable and the rates of attorneys keep going up. In New York during 2006, the "going rate" for lawyers just graduated from law school (before they take the bar and are admitted to practice) is about $165,000 per year. as to the top law firms in New York. [Note: in 2016, the highest hourly rate was in excess of $1,500, and average for partners was almost $900 in the major law firms in NYC.]

Individuals don't have the savings or assets to hire lawyers to enforce the individuals' rights. For years, this enforcement was done by or under the United States Attorney General, by his/her Justice Department, by the Federal Trade Commission and by various other federal agencies, and by the state Attorneys General, State and local departments of consumer affairs, and to a minor extent by federal and state/county prosecutors. Also, part of the enforcement was taking place through private class actions. But all of these sources for enforcement of the rights of individuals are being eroded away. The Republicans in office are not permitting the federal agencies to enforce federal rights of individuals as the federal government has done in the past. More and more federal judges are being appointed with an assumed philosophy of supporting the Republican objectives. States have not been able to pick up the slack. And class action legislation has passed (the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005) which was intended to do away with many class actions by requiring them to be brought in federal court, instead of state courts where they had a better chance at obtaining relief.

What this comes down to is this. Individuals in the U.S. have various rights against major corporations and government needing enforcement. Without such enforcement the major corporations are winding up with too much of the nation's wealth. They have created a means of enforcing more rights than they really have, and have made it too costly and difficult for individuals to enforce the individuals' rights as against the major corporations, leaving the major corporations with far more of the economic pie than was ever intended, and increasing in size every day because of the inability of the nation's individuals to enforce their rights against the major corporations and government.

The solution is obvious. Every town and village should have a lawyer (someone I call a "town attorney general") be in charge of looking after the rights of the residents and small businesses in the town or village. There is no need for any additional expenditure by the town. The town attorney general is able to generate its own revenues, similarly to the way in which prosecutors generate revenues by criminal prosecutions starting off with attachment and forfeiture of the criminal defendant's property, so he cannot defend himself/herself against the criminal charges. I'm not saying that the town attorney general would attach any property of a major corporation. All I'm saying is that the town attorney general, by pursuing meritorious claims (enforcement of rights) for local residents and businesses, would be able to generate large amounts of money to ensure that the expenses of enforcement were met, and with the excess being far more than enough to pay for healthcare, dental care, broadband and reduced real estate taxes for everyone in the town.

Individuals alone do not have the accumulations of capital needed to pay for a lawyer to enforce their rights, but on a collective basis, through a town or village, the town or village is able to appoint and equip a town attorney general and benefit from the law-enforcement activities of such person. During 2004, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer raised $2.3 billion in his suits and threatened suits against several types of financial firms.

An important part of my prior political activities was to try to get towns and villages to appoint and use a town attorney general, to enforce the rights of the individuals and small businesses in the town, and take back some of the undeserved moneys obtained illegally by many of the largest corporations operating in the United States, whether they be "domestic" or "foreign" corporations. [I tried for more than 10 years without any success, and will have to leave this idea for others to use.] It really is a distinction without meaning. A large domestic corporation cannot be expected to contribute to the well being of Americans. They are too busy taking jobs away from Americans and transporting them to other countries for the huge, immediate profit and increased stock- market prices involved.

By enforcement of the appropriate rights of individuals we can stop many jobs from being transferred to other countries. All a town attorney general has to do is to figure out which laws, rules, contracts and other rights are being broken or infringed, and bring appropriate suit on behalf of the community and or its members. Enforcement of rights should be a two-way street, but today it is not. Major corporations get their enforcement; individuals do not; and the result is that the nation's wealth moves to the major corporations, even though they are no longer "American".

The Country and AJP Needs You - and You Will Have More Power than a Congressperson

The power of present Congresspersons is quite limited. They have the power to turn over your money to large corporations and to foreign countries, but they have lost the power to exercise the levers of government in favor of Americans. To favor Americans would reduce the profitability of the multinational, globalizing "American" and foreign corporations and foreign countries.

Yet, if you and I can insert ourselves into the government of towns and villages throughout the United States (starting out even with just a single town or village), my program is designed as a "grass roots" program to spread from the first implementing town or village to tens, hundreds and then thousands of the nation's 18,500 towns and villages, creating new jobs, higher-paying jobs, a reasonable healthcare system, and a higher standard of living for the community residents.

In NYS, 62 "cities" plus Nassau County have a right of voters to put proposed laws on the ballot during a general election. If voters in these 62 cities start doing this, they can pass laws that can make the city and its residents and small businesses well off economically. I have prepared a series of proposed laws as "ballot initiatives" (including a series of 3 ballot initiatives for Hudson NY, in Columbia County, with a population of about 8,000). I have about 20 ballot initiatives covering most of the main problems needing resolution locally in my website. Go to my website by clicking on 16 Ballot Initiatives for NYC and other Cities in NYS.

This power truly is in the hands of the one person who inserts himself or herself into the politics and election process of a single town or village, with the 16 election issues as a major asset and the help of Carl E. Person and this website to give the one person a realistic opportunity to be elected to the body governing the town or village.

At this point, you should be able to sell one or two other members of the governing body on the value of appointing Carl E. Person or some other qualified attorney as the "town attorney general" for the town or village.

The town attorney general will manage the rights and claims of the local residents and small businesses and bring suit to ensure that the major corporations are obeying the law (with the same diligence that police issue parking or speeding tickets to individuals or district attorneys go after individuals with criminal charges). The difference is that the major corporations are stealing from the town in a variety of sophisticated ways that require a skilled attorney to detect and prosecute as civil claims, and up to this date there has been nobody doing this at the federal or state level, the level at which the nation's towns and villages expect this type of law enforcement to take place. Things have changed. Because the major corporations now control much of the federal and state governments, any effective governmental control of major corporations has got to come from towns and villages. Also, the benefits to Americans (such as healthcare and broadband services) have got to be provided to residents at the town/village level of government.

The amazing thing about this is that one citizen at the town level, taking the time to run for election to the governing body of the town, will have a much greater impact on the lives of Americans (starting out with the local residents, and then by grass-roots expansion, to the rest of the nation's towns and villages) than the Senators and Representatives have left for themselves after selling out to the campaign contributions of the major corporations and foreign countries.

The United States, the American Jobs Party and I (Carl E. Person) need your help to accomplish these necessary objectives.

How the AJP and This Website Got Started

I can easily trace how and why the AJP and this website were created. In September 2004 I wrote and self-published a book entitled Saving Main Street and Its Retailers. I wrote about how globalization was the direct result of the nation's failure to enforce the nation's antitrust laws, enabling the largest corporations to get larger and larger, to the point that they needed more territory in which to expand, and started expanding into foreign countries. This gave them an opportunity to set up foreign operations (at local, lower-cost labor rates) to provide products for the local markets in these foreign countries. Now, having the ability to produce goods at a lower cost, and already having dominant distribution systems in the United States, the large corporations then ship the foreign-made goods back into the United States (with no tariff or penalty to offset the injuriously low resale price) and offer the bargain goods at the low retail prices and drive competing American-made goods and their American manufacturers out of business causing wholesale losses of American jobs. The benefit to American consumers is the lower price, obviously, but the same is true of persons selling pirated DVD's of the most recently-released movies from a fly-by-night sidewalk table for $8 per DVD.

Enforcement of the nation's antitrust and other laws against corporations that would destroy American jobs is the answer, and my solution to the problem was to have every town and village in the United States appoint a "town attorney general" to function as a "Little Eliot Spitzer" [New York's attorney general at the time] to commence antitrust and other litigation against the major corporations and their manufacturers for violation of law. Spitzer, the other state Attorneys General and the federal Attorney General had abandoned this part of their duties, enabling the largest corporations to grow far beyond their proper size. The Town Attorney General is needed to fill the void and bring a level playing field back to American commerce, which is how the jobs and higher-paying jobs can be brought back to the United States. Merely through law enforcement at the lowest level of government.

I tried marketing the book without success to retailers throughout the United States, but I couldn't find a market for the book.

Then, I developed the concept of the Town Attorney General even further, by creating my website (during 2005) Person's Town Attorney General Website, including an Off-Off Broadway show entitled "Town Attorney General Performance" to explain in town-hall fashion what a town attorney general can do for a town, its residents and small businesses, and the country. I even was ready to take my 1-man show on the road to any town or village willing to listen. I had only one taker, a town in upstate New York. But I wasn't able for the past year to see any breakthrough for the town attorney general. What I needed to do is run for office myself, and when elected use the new position to encourage the town to try using a town attorney general. I created a "default candidacy" in which I offered to run for elective office in every one of the nation's 18,500 towns and villages, or (better) to support anyone who would run on my 16 election issues. The website for this is Person's 16 Election Issues and Default Candidacy for 18,500 Towns/Villages.

While pursuing these town/village election objectives, I was encouraged to throw my hat in the ring for the race to become the New York Attorney General, seeking the Green Party nomination. Sander Hicks, a talented and effective activist, and I attended a Green Party meeting in Binghamton, New York during January, 2006 and obtained the needed signatures from Green Party officials to qualify as candidates for Governor and Attorney General, respectively.

I then wrote a website for my candidacy, at Website in Support of My Green-Party Candidacy for New York Attorney General - 2006. I am actively pursuing this Green-Party candidacy. My website includes 40 election issues, including most of the 16 election issues I have set forth in my Town/Village Default Candidacy Website. When thinking about the issues for the New York Attorney General election, it dawned on me that Spitzer catapulted himself into his Democratic Party candidacy for New York Governor and (if he wins, which I am trying hard not to make happen) a consideration for nomination to run for the U.S. Presidency or Vice Presidency during 2008 or 2012) while exercising only 2% of the power that he had as New York Attorney General. I discuss this at length in my 40-issue website. My recognition that Spitzer used only 2% of his power to achieve what he did was very exciting to me, because it convinced me that the office of the New York Attorney General, as an elected position, is the 2nd most powerful office in the United States and very important to obtain to further my concept of restoring jobs and standard of living to America through enforcement of law at the lowest level of government. One of my 40 election issues is to encourage New York's 1,800 towns and villages to hire a Town Attorney General to become independent extensions of the New York Attorney General (i.e., Carl E. Person, New York Attorney General) and implement my 16 election issues while I provide support at the State level.

You can help our objectives by helping me by providing help as outlined in this American Jobs Party Website. I need your help in a variety of ways, in setting up speaking opportunities, setting up media interviews, raising money, obtaining publicity, getting people to subscribe to the RSS/Subscription (or Updates) part of this website, by passing on my free book offer to your friends, relatives and associates, and other ways that will present themselves to you.

You should get to know the 16 and 40 election issues as well as the features of this website. It will help you in trying to bring others into our joint venture to bring back the jobs and the higher-paying jobs for Americans.

Also, you might want to look at my website trying to encourage the leadership of Atlantic City to train unemployed former casino workers for jobs paying $25 to $60 per hour. Not surprisingly, I have not had a single government, college or union official (or newspaper, radio or television reporter) contact me about creating jobs for the unemployed. They are busy instead with their mission of ensuring that no jobs will be created (which jobs would undermine the revenues and profits of the major corporations. You should click on Creating $25-$60/Hour Jobs for the Unemployed in Atlantic City - by Carl E. Person - no interest whatsoever.

Summary of Services Available from AJP and This Website

I provide a blog for users to discuss each of the 40 election issues and other political matters. I make each of my 3 books available for FREE pdf download to any subscriber to the website's RSS/Update. These three books are: (i) Saving Main Street and Its Retailers;(ii) Self Employment - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living; and (ii)A Law Career Is the Smart Way - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living. These books provide valuable information for understanding the nation's economic problems (loss of jobs and decline in standard of living for most Americans) and what can and should be done to cure these problems. Also, the website provides the few lines of code for AJP members to set up a link to this website on their own websites, to give additional power and reach to this website.

How the American Jobs Party and This Website Differ from Other Democracy-Type Websites and Third Parties

First of all, this website does not compete with the Green Party or Libertarian Party. It is designed to enable Green Party candidates, Libertarian Party candidates and others get elected to office. Some Democracy-type websites, such as Democracy, Now! and Committee against Government Waste (CAGW) are single-issue websites, and not trying to get anyone elected to office. MoveOn.Org does not have a party platform or try to get persons elected to implement the platform. This AJP website is the foundation for needed political reforms and hopefully, with enough subscribers, will be able to give valuable support to minority-party candidates throughout the United States and be able to encourage candidates to run for office in the nation's 18,500 towns and villages, and in various Congressional and state-wide elections throughout the country.

Help Towns/Villages Threatened with Loss of Jobs to Outsourcing

We in the American Jobs Party are in the position of a "private attorney general" and can identify where jobs are being lost to outsourcing. In addition, we have a better idea of what to do about the problem, and can render assistance to the community threatened with the job loss. Most threatened losses of a large number of jobs at the same time have legal ways to try to stop the loss. This is what the State Attorney General or Town Attorney General should be doing, but the State Attorneys General (including New York's former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer) are not doing their job - in fact, Eliot Spitzer was only doing 2% of his job) and the Town Attorneys General do not now exist. So, it is up to us to recognize a solvable job-threat problem, and do something to help the community solve the problem. If nothing else, the community may wise up to its need for a Town Attorney General without having to get somebody elected to local office in the town.

AJP's 40 Reforms Require No New Legislation - They Only Require Enforcement or Use of Existing Laws by the New York Attorney General

Time passes quickly and campaign promises too often get bogged down and never get implemented. This is understandable because most campaign promises by candidates for office require enactment of a new statute or of a Constitutional amendment, both of which are out of the control of any one legislator as well as the Governor or elected Attorney General. Accordingly, to maximize the public's benefit from the Office of the New York Attorney General, it is imperative that the Attorney General obtain for the residents of New York whatever benefits are available under existing law. These benefits are formidable. Many if not most of the problems can be solved under existing laws, but it is more convenient for politicians to hide behind the slow process of creating new laws and the known delay before any tangible benefits could be expected from your elected politicians. That way the elected politicians have a ready-made excuse for their inevitable failure to perform as promised. By the time that any new laws are enacted and the benefits from such laws could be expected, many of the legislators passing such laws are no longer serving as elected representatives.

Because I recognize that providing fast results is important, I have created a list of "issues" or "campaign promises" that I feel I can implement as New York Attorney General, without having to ask for any enabling statutes, rules or Constitutional amendments. Thus, I would not be able to blame the Speaker, Legislature, Governor or someone else for any failure by me to perform as promised.

If you look at my issues, you will find that most of them can be done by the NYS Attorney General directly, such as by conducting an investigation or grand-jury investigation or by bringing an enforcement lawsuit. Most of the other issues can be implemented by towns and villages, and to that extent as Attorney General I am undertaking to try to convince towns and villages to implement my programs for them. Any failure in accomplishing this would be a joint failure by me, in not being able to convince local officials to do the best for their town or village, and by the local officials who are unable to do the right thing for their voters, possibly out of ignorance or failure to understand, but possibly to protect vested interests from getting hurt. As New York Attorney General, I can appoint a "town attorney general" for each town, to get the program started. Ultimately, the town or village should have control over its town attorney general, not the New York Attorney General. What we don't need in law enforcement is centralization. We see how destructive this has been, with the single federal Attorney General able to stop effetive antitrust law enforcement by all federal agencies.

You must recognize, and I do, that every change hurts someone. For example, if a town or villages sets up a college equivalency program where tuition could be $1 per 50-minute hour of instruction, or $16/week of full-time instruction, various high-tuition colleges will suffer a loss of tuition and student loan payments. Paying $50,000 a year to attend an Ivy League or other high-cost college (which works out to $100 per hour of instruction - $50,000 divided by approximately 500 hours of instruction during 2 full semesters) is almost irrational, at a time when employers are paying less, seeking to terminate their long-term employees, and high-paying jobs are very difficult to obtain.

Accordingly, part of my job as NYS Attorney General would be to educate people on their options, and help them make wise choices for themselves and their community.

Finding and Assisting Candidates to Run Outside of Home Town/Village

It goes without saying that the AJP is interested in promoting candidacies among residents of a town or village to run for election on the 16 election issues in such town or village. But we need to go further than that. If we can find someone willing to run for office on the 16 election issues, we should try to help the candidate find a town or village in which he/she can run, in spite of his/her non-residency problem. As explained in the 16-issue website (Town/Village Website), the local residency requirements imposed by a town or village can be overcome by court order in more than 50% of the cases, and the cases (as election cases) are very quickly decided).

The Town Attorney General program does not work well in large cities. The reason is that large cities are more like states, in which the state attorney general is really unable to follow the needs of the many hundreds of towns and villages in the state. It takes a local attorney general to keep track of the various claims to be pursued. Furthermore, the ability of the town attorney general to provide the money to pay for healthcare and dental care for the entire community is only possible for towns and villages below a certain size (such as 20,000). It is impossible for litigation to provide this same result for millions of residents. Spitzer in 2004 obtained settlements of $2.3 billion, or $154 per capita in New York State, but I'm talking about thousands of dollars per resident or $3,000 to $20,000 per family, on the average. Healthcare premiums would cost around $300 per month per family, on the average, when taking existing coverage into account. This means $3,600 per family per year, a lot more than the $154 X 3.2 (or approximately $500 per family) that Spitzer obtained in 2004. But you do see the potential for small towns and villages.

By having small towns and villages enforce the nation's antitrust laws (though the incentive of free healthcare, free dental care, free broadband services), we can start a grass roots program of antitrust and other law enforcement needed to protect American jobs, and higher-paying jobs, and recover many of the desirable jobs already lost to other countries. Part of the fight will also be for new laws providing protection for American jobs, to stop their sale by corporations, either to other U.S. communities or to foreign countries. There has to be an economic offset (or payment for injury to America) when foreign goods, made with low-cost labor, are introduced into a market created and protected in a variety of ways by Americans paying taxes to America. Corporations that would sell their foreign-made goods in the United States have to make a comparable contribution to the costs of maintaining this great American market, or the market (or "Golden Goose") is going to be destroyed and transferred (as much of it has already) to other countries. Our residents can't seek work in these foreign countries, but they can and should expect that the markets paid for by their taxes are open only to persons who make a comparable contribution. As of today, the major corporations and various foreign countries are free riders, and getting rich at the expense of America. For a while, we allowed this to happen to help war-torn countries get back on their feet, but we have gone too far, and the major corporations in charge of the nation's political processes are making too much money in the dismantling of America to do anything to stop this self-destruction. Human beings have to step in and stop the non-human corporations from destroying America and its Constitution.

No Competition for AJP Support - First Candidate Gets AJP Support

AJP is not yet a party with a candidate. We have 18,500 positions to fill and very few people at this moment to fill such positions. Accordingly, the first person who we can get to run for a position should get our support. If someone else comes along, there are many thousands of other positions for such person to go after. Our real candidate is the 16 election-issue platform, regardless of who is running.

If the American Jobs Party does grow to the point where it selects the most appropriate candidate for specific election campaigns, this "First Come, First Served" policy will be changed.

Focusing on 1 or More Local Elections - Grass Roots Effect

As discussed above, there is an anticipated grass roots effect when a small town or village appoints a town attorney general, recovers $10,000 per year per family, and the town then provides free healthcare, free dental care, free broadband services and a reduction in local real estate taxes to the town's residents and small businesses. Obviously, the adjoining towns and villages will find out about this very quickly, and will demand the same. At that point, AJP will be off and running. Everything depends on getting the first one or several town attorneys general appointed to office. My election as New York Attorney General will make it fairly certain that there will be a number of town attorneys general in New York, even if the New York Attorney General has to pay their salaries and make their appointment to the town or village.

When there are numerous town attorneys general operating in the United States, they will become the needed replacement for the non-existent enforcement activities by the United States Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Justice Department, and similar non-enforcement activities by the 50 state Attorneys General. The enforcement I'm talking about is the nation's and states' antitrust laws, including the Robinson-Patman Act prohibiting price discrimination, and the Sherman Act prohibiting predatory activities by monopolies, and the Clayton Act prohibiting mergers having a tendency to monopolize. Also, there are hundreds of other statutes, rules and doctrines that a town attorney general can call upon to stop the sale or outsourcing of jobs to other cities or countries. Employers, including major corporations, have no right to sell your job to the highest bidder. There are legal doctrines that can be used to stop the practice, some involving issues that a local jury would be asked to decide. Perhaps some members of the jury would come from the town that would benefit from any recovery of money from the corporate defendant for wrongdoing to the town.

Supporting the American Jobs Party

Activity in support of AJP candidacies and in providing various services by this website is of enormous value. How can you help us out? Please call me and let's talk about it. Please call (Carl E. Person) at 212-307-4444 or cell 917-453-9376.

Legal Assistance for Local and Statewide Candidates for Office

Local candidates for town and village elections may not meet local residency requirements, and we should provide legal support to the non-resident candidate to oppose the residency requirement in court, and try to ensure that the AJP-backed candidate gets on the ballot. Also, candidates for statewide or Congressional office will have legal questions from time to time. We should be prepared to give assistance to our candidates, to see that they do the right things and get on the ballot. We will also be providing assistance through our list of members, identifying to our members which candidates are backed by the AJP, and trying to get donations and volunteers to help the candidate get elected.

Local Meetings and Other Activities for
AJP Members

An important part of the activities for AJP members will be to hold and encourage the holding of local meetings to support the AJP and its candidates. Please use the blog about meetings to discuss what can be done, and how. Candidates for local office (in a town or village) might want to look to schools, churches and other public buildings as venues for meetings. The advantage would be that more people can attend in a school room than could attend in a small apartment or house. With statewide candidates, the problem is that there are so few days of campaigning in relation to the number of possible meetings, especially when the distances are great between meetings. Anyway, the problem of too many meetings is less of a problem, more than likely, than the problem of having very few meetings if any for a candidate to attend.

Importance of This Website's Blogs

The blogs provide a means for public discussion of the 16 and 40 election issues, including improvements on the ideas as well as adverse comments. It is also hoped that the blogs will povide some powerful new election issues for adoption by the AJP. Try your hand at blogging on one or more of the 40 election issues.


The United States government is being run by and for the benefit of the world's largest corporations, whose interests are, understandably, squeezing every last penny they can from every country that permits themselves to be squeezed. The major media are owned by major corporations and are unwilling, understandably, to reveal to the public why jobs are leaving the country and why Americans are working harder for less money. The answer is simple enough. The United States is not enforcing its laws regulating business against the major corporations of the world, with the result that they are stealing the American economy under the noses of the American people, with the government and media telling the public that what is happening is inevitable; that America is better off having most of its work being done in other countries because this leaves America with the higher-paying jobs of creating new products for other countries to manufacture. Of course, this is all nonsense. Without having jobs in the United States we are unable to pay the rents and mortgages based on higher land values that exist in the United States than in India or China; the higher costs of maintaining the nation's armed forces that are used to secure (or perhaps steal) markets in other countries for the world's major corporations that avoid paying taxes to the United States; this means that United States citizens are paying for the protection and expansion of the corporate interests that are depriving Americans of their American way of life.

The public is not stupid, however, and they are coming to realize that they are being taken. They see the never-ending corruption being exposed long after the public has lost hundreds of billions of dollars, lost forever, while federal prosecutors and the press take years if ever to impose a few years of prison time on persons who have managed to take hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars out of the American economy and into the hands of thieves, a small part of which winds up paying for election campaign expenses to ensure that the United States government allows the major corporations to continue their course of destroying the American economy for American human beings.

The answer, as you might well expect, is not in trying to win back control of the United States government once out of every four years. This was tried several times without success. The money available to do that is not being made available to the third parties, and the two major parties are part of the problem. We have come to the point where it makes no difference, as a practical matter, whether a voter votes Republican or Democrat. For example, Democratic President Bill Clinton did more damage to the country than most recent presidents with NAFTA and related legislation assisting major corporations in moving their operations to other countries, and his wife can be expected to continue with the destruction created by Bill Clinton when she is elected on November 8, 2016 and takes office shortly thereafter.

The answer clearly is to have state and local governments start enforcing the laws that are no longer being enforced by the U.S. government against major corporations. Former New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer started doing this, and achieved enough success with his limited efforts (limited basically to a handful of fraudulent practices of major financial institutions) and this daring and narrow law-enforcement effort against a handful of large corporations catapulted Spitzer into his candidacy for Governor of New York, with the next step obviously being his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency.

Spitzer has shown us the way, but when you analyze what Spitzer has done and what he hasn't done you come to a quick conclusion that Spitzer carefully avoided going after any of the main problems facing New Yorkers. Look at my list of issues to see what Spitzer has not done, but could have done if he had so desired.

State and local government is the only place where realistic law enforcement against major corporations can still take place. The nation has 50 states, 100 major cities, and 18,500 towns and villages, and a large number of counties, all of whom have the right to protect themselves by bringing suit against major corporations that have hurt these governmental subdivisions and their residents in violation of existing federal and state law.

This is what the elected attorney general can and should do in New York. Identify and describe the areas of wrongdoing by major corporations and commence appropriate action.

In addition, the New York State Attorney General should extend his/her statewide power into every one of the State's 1,800 towns and villages by helping these towns and villages create and use a new political office, that of the "Town Attorney General", to enforce federal and state laws against major corporations for the benefit of the local residents and small businesses, to have the greatest impact for New Yorkers and the nation. See my ideas for the Town Attorney General at my website Town Attorney General Website . The centralization of law enforcement activities in the hands of a single appointed United States Attorney General has enabled antitrust law enforcement at the federal level to come to a complete stop. The same is true at the New York State level under Eliot Spitzer. This ability to prevent antitrust law enforcement through two elected officials (the first being the President of the United States, and the second being the elected New York State Attorney General) can be overcome by creating 1,800 little attorneys general in the 1,800 towns and villages in New York State, each town and village acting in its own best interest and at times, if necessary, even suing the State or another town or village that is doing something in violation of law to injure such town or village.

Imagine the potential for law enforcement against major corporations if we expand the decision makers from two persons to 1,800 (in New York) or about 40,000 (in all of the towns, villages and counties in the United States). This would be an army of civil prosecutors more powerful than the army of criminal prosecutors that have wound up putting the nation's voters in jail to a greater extent (by percentage) than any other country in the world, without having much of an impact on the continuing violation of law by the major corporations doing business in the United States.

Now is your chance to do something about stopping the dismantling and destruction of the United States. Help the independent parties such as the Green Party and Libertarians save New York by getting registered to vote as a Geen Party member (and, if the Libertarians achieve party status in New York on November 8, 2016, as a Libertarian Party member), by forwarding some of my issues to interested friends, relatives and associates (using the convenient button located at the top and bottom of each issue description). I invite you to call me so we can discuss what you can do. My office telephone number is 212-307-4444.

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