About Carl E. Person

American Jobs Party was created by Carl E. Person, a Green-Party candidate in 2006 for New York Attorney General. The long-time purpose of AJP is to create a grass-roots reform movement in the United States to adopt the reforms described in Person's 16-Issue and 40- Issue websites, at 16 Election Issues for Town/Village Elections and the website for Person's candidacy for New York Attorney General (and others seeking a statewide office in any state), at 40 Election Issues for New York Attorney General Campaign or Other Statewide Candidacy. Look at these reforms. These reforms are varied but when analyzed, one by one, are all job-oriented, to create more and higher-paying jobs and small business opportunities for residents of the United States, and to stop or cripple the present trend of outsourcing of American jobs and resources to other countries and the ongoing dismantling of America. All of the 16 and 40 reforms all designed to benefit human beings and small businesses in the Town/Village (as to the 16 election issues) or State (as to the 40 election issues) and, most importantly, they are almost all capable of being implemented without any additional legislation. A state attorney general or my concept for a town attorney general has the power under existing law to provide these highly desirable reforms.

Needless to say, there is no other candidate, party or elected official offering such reforms (or even any number of such reforms, as far as I can tell, unless they obtained the idea(s) from or through me or my websites, directly or indirectly. The reforms are unique as a group because they are capable of being implemented without the need for any new legislation or constitutional amendment(s). Thus, if the right person is elected in a town or village (to the governing body or as mayor), or in a state (the attorney general in the 17 states electing their attorney general or the governor in the 33 other states), the 16 or 40 reforms can be achieved to a great extent.

The secondary purpose of AJP is to have parties, candidates and elected officials adopt these reforms for themselves, and help AJP implement these reforms. By election of AJP-sponsored officials to town/village governments anywhere in, or even throughout the United States, the reforms will be heard and debates and sometimes implemented by the governing body, and the grass-roots program for that geographic area will have begun in earnest. When the first town or village in a county or state gets free healthcare and a substantial increase in jobs and higher paying jobs and better business opportunities, the adjoining towns and villages will know right away, and their residents and small businesses will demand the same.

The third and immediate purpose of AJP is to get me (Carl E. Person) elected as New York Attorney General, the 2nd most powerful office in the United States, from which office I can jump start the reform movement in New York State and its 1,800 towns and villages through implementing the 40-issue reforms.

Now, about me, Carl E. Person. I am a graduate magna cum laude of Long Island University (1959) and a graduate of Harvard Law School (1962). I have more than 40 years of litigation experience, primarily in antitrust, commercial and civil rights cases. In other words, I have precisely the skills needed in the office of a state attorney general or of a "town attorney general". I created the paralegal field in 1972. I was the first lawyer who sued for the right to advertise as a lawyer (1975). I sued for and won the right to sell shares in lawsuits to help clients finance their antitrust litigation against major corporations. I have been involved in many highly-publicized lawsuits, one or two of which were a front page story in The New York Times. Also, I am the first lawyer in the United States to have a website offering information about the law (created when lawyers were discouraged from advertising their legal interests), and by now I have authored more than 70 websites, most of which are under the domain name "www.lawmall.com", including the 16-issue and 40-issue websites. Other domain names for my websites are www.legalizeNYgambling.com, www.townattorneygeneral.com and this website, www.americanjobsparty.com.

Finally, I am a high school dropout; I served in the U.S. Army for almost 3 years, and got an early release to go to college. I enrolled in Long Island University (Brooklyn, NY campus) and about one year later I ran for the presidency of my student body, and won in a hotly-contested election. From LIU I went to Harvard Law School, and then to Wall Street, and finally to private practice, as an antitrust, commercial and civil rights litigator representing individuals and small businesses against large corporations and governments.

My background qualifies me to serve as New York Attorney General or a town attorney general, and I am seeking both offices. See my 16-issue website (with which I'm offering myself as a "default candidate" in every town and village in the United States, for any resident to put me on the local ballot if no other AJP reform candidate is available, and I'll go into court to try to have any residency requirement overturned - with a 50% probability); and see my 40-issue website (which I'm using to run for New York Attorney General).

Carl E.Person