In Conclusion, I Need Your Help
- Here's How

I want you to join my team in publicizing and getting support for the 16-issue and 40-issue reforms and getting voters to elect me as New York Attorney General. There is a much greater chance for success as a third party at this time than in most other times because of the Iraq war, Abramoff corruption, never-ending loss of jobs and opportunity to other countries through Outsourcing and Globalization, and the unwillingness of elected officials to do anything because they have been paid to do nothing - this is what they promise to do when taking the funds from multinational interests that the politicians need to get re-elected. In office, they are not free to do what is right and instead try to find diversionary issues to convince themselves and the voters that they are acting on behalf of the voters. But we know from long- time and growing experience that this is not so. There is need for change, and I have a plan based on enforcement of law through an elected Attorney General (in New York State) and the setting up of 1,800 little attorneys general in each of the state's 1,800 towns, villages and countries, and eventually setting up 18,500 town attorneys general - one for each of the nation's 18,500 towns and villages. In this way, we will get the needed law enforcement to eliminate many of the evils of globalization and outsourcing, and re-establish the pre- eminence of America as a model for other countries to follow. There is no need to destroy the American way of life to allow multinational corporations to get larger and larger. We have to reverse this direction and make multinationals grow smaller and smaller while we recover the money, jobs, opportunities and standard of living that they have been stealing from Americans.

Carl E.Person