Get Involved - Help Elect Carl Person

You can see from the issues I describe in this website that if I am elected YOU and all other New Yorkers (followed soon thereafter by citizens in other parts of the country) will be the direct beneficiary. No other candidate for New York Attorney General offers anything remotely comparable. The issues I discuss demonstrate that I can do, without any new statutes, what I promise to do, which is a totally different campaign than you have ever seen. The New York Attorney General, as an elected official, has a full range of already-enacted powers waiting to be used to solve the problems caused by past, extended inaction of other elected officials, starting with President Richard M. Nixon and going up to the present.

If there ever was a time for you to get behind a candidate, the time is now and the candidate is me. Your help can make my promises become a reality for all of us. Now is the time for you to do something to take back this country and recreate the reality of the American Dream, for you and your family and the 18 million New Yorkers who have seen their dreams and plans swept away by the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living.

Here is what I want and need you to do:

  • Help fund my campaign with money and your time - with your time having much greater value in my campaign than your money.
  • Talk with me by telephone or email so we can get to know each other, and let me clarify any issues about which you are not in wholehearted support. Some of the issues may go beyond your present knowledge or experience (such as my outlook on the death sentence, legalizing all gambling, selectively releasing 40% of the state's prisoners, suing major corporations for illegal conduct that gives you lower prices (or temporarily lower prices), responsibility for 9/11, just to name a few issues that may be of concern to you). If I can speak with you, you may wind up being a wholehearted advocate of one or more issues that now, to you, seem unsupportable. I know. I have changed my mind on most of these same issues. The more you learn, the more you come over to someone else's way of thinking. Please, give me a call and let's talk. My telephone number (office) is 212-307-4444. I want to know who is working on my team.
  • Read one or more of my three books, or at least the last chapter (ch. 30) of my third book, Saving Main Street and Its Retailers, available at Ch. 30 of Saving Main Street and Its Retailers. Chapter 30 summarizes the entire book and gives you a good insight on how the Town Attorney General (for the nation's 18,500 towns and villages) and by extension the NY Attorney General can put the evil genie of outsourcing and globalization back into its bottle, and restore the American Dream for millions of Americans - including you and me.
  • Carefully read and study the full description for each of my approximately 40 issues in my 40-issue website and as you read each issue try to determine who you know in New York who would benefit if I am elected and able to make the issue a reality. For any one or more persons as a group, for any one issue, click on the button at the top or bottom of that specific issue and send a copy of its full text by email to such persons, together with any comments you might wish to make. You can string two or more email addresses, as you probably already know, by separating the addresses with a comma and space, or a semi-colon and space. For example, you may like my idea for Neighborhood Casinos (low-profit, designed for seniors to be able to develop continuing relationships with other members of the neighborhood, to use the lure of gambling to encourage casino patrons to engage in socially desirable or profitable non-gambling activities). Perhaps you can encourage some of these people to give me a call and join my team.
  • Explore each of the features in my 40-issue website. Particularly, I want you to subscribe to email updates (called RSS, Really Simple Syndication), by which I will be able to keep everyone abreast of developments and be able to invite you to periodic socials and meetings so that being involved in my candidacy and team will provide all of us with social events where we can meet and mingle with each other.
  • Use your email list to alert your friends, neighbors, relatives and associates to the existence of my candidacy, website and issues, by sending them a link to this website, and urging them to look at the website and get involved. You can send them this link:
  • Make sure you still are a registered voter in New York. If you are not, please register. And when you register, at the bottom of the registration form PLEASE state that your party designation is, where it says "OTHER" - NYS Green Party. The Green Party needs additional members to obtain a line for itself on the ballot. This is very important if we are to have an impact in New York elections. Even if you are registered, you should change your party affiliation to the NYS Green Party, using the same form.
  • Download voter registration forms, carry them with you, together with stamped envelopes addressed to the Bureau of Elections, and assist as many people as you can in filling out the voter registration for (to register new voters and/or to change party affiliation to the NYS Green Party), and to have them mail the form to the Bureau of Elections. You would be surprised how many social contacts you can make for your own personal benefit when doing this important work for my candidacy, the Green Party, and for your State and County. Also, keep me informed of your progress and I will figure out some way to award appropriate recognition to you and others for a job well done. If you have any election questions, please give me a call. One important point for you to know and remember: You are not allowed under federal statute to offer payment of money or anything of value to have someone register (or promise to register) to vote, to change (or promise to change) their party designation, or to vote or promise to vote. I was surprised that a federal statute should make it illegal to promise a person a Coke or cup of coffee if he/she agreed to register to vote. I wonder why they don't pass statutes prohibiting Senators and Members of the House of Representatives from receiving campaign contributions from persons obtaining statutes drafted and enacted for their benefit.
  • Invite your friends, relatives and associates to any of the socials or meetings to take place between now and election day (November 7, 2006) and beyond, hopefully.
  • Come up with additional issues for my candidacy.
  • Try to use your contacts with the media to obtain interviews (of me, you or some other spokesperson for the campaign) or mention of my candidacy and some of my issues in the press. I need interviews and will go almost anywhere to be interviewed. You can pave the way by calling or email members of the press with story ideas. I believe a very intriguing point is my belief that "the NY Attorney General is the 2nd most powerful office in the United States or world." I believe this is true because nobody else is doing very much, the federal courts are being filled at the top with judges far less inclined to hold major corporations liable for antitrust violations and destruction of the American Dream than the highest state courts, and the New York Attorney General, as an elected office, combines the voters' authority to act (without any new statutes being required) with the person who has the skills to act without obtaining legal opinions and dilution of idea and energy from advisors. The combination of election (meaning, can't be fired), statutes to enforce (no further legislation needed and therefor no requirement of putting a political consensus together) and licensed lawyer with substantial antitrust and civil rights litigation experience (unlike a non-lawyer who would have to seek advice from one or more lawyers and make judgments as to the competence of such lawyers) makes the NY Attorney General a very powerful person, if he chooses to be. Look at what Eliot Spitzer has done. Operating at only 2% of his potential, he has catapulted himself into being the frontrunner for Governor of New York, with an obvious potential as leading candidate to be nominated to run for President on the Republican ticket.
  • Try to figure out ways in which I can market my candidacy. You might try to set up public meetings, or cocktail-hour meetings or a buffet meeting - or a telephone campaign to a group of media contacts. There are many different ways to market my candidacy, and I need your help in identifying these ways, and then doing the marketing.
  • You might run for mayor in your own town or village (or put me on the ballot instead, as "default candidate") based on the comparable 16 election issues I describe in my website at Mayor/Council 16-Election Issues Website Your efforts locally can be used to develop support for my efforts in getting elected as New York Attorney General.
  • Add a link to this website in your own personal or company website, which will help increase the position of this website in search-engine results and increase the reach of my candidacy and these important election issues.
  • Finally, see if you can come up with any additional things for team members to do to add to this list.

Carl E.Person