AJP "Membership" Does Not Cancel Your Current Political Party Membership

The AJP at this time is not a political party such as the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Green Party or Socialist Party. The AJP is a means of communicating with concerned citizens to obtain the stated political reforms, by promoting the reforms throughout the nation's political processes and by finding, creating and promoting candidates at the local or state level who will get behind such reforms. In due course, it is quite likely that AJP could become a political party, and a ballot presence in one or multiple states. Meanwhile, it is seems to be far more effective to try to find candidates from any party - or independent candidates without any present party affiliation -- willing to get behind the issues.

Accordingly, subscribing to the RSS/Update email list and/or making a contribution, and thereby becoming a "member" of the AJP, does not end or affect any present party affiliation or membership you may have.

Carl E.Person