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Carl Person wrote 3 books during late 2004 going into outsourcing and globalization from various standpoints. One book is for persons thinking about becoming a lawyer, actually attending law school, or being a graduate of law school (up to about 5 years or so). This book is A Law Career - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living (self published, $19.95, paperback).

The 2nd book in the trilogy is Self Employment - To Avoid the Evil Economic Trio of Outsourcing, Globalization and Declining Standard of Living (self published, $19.95, paperback). This book is intended for persons not qualifying for the first book, and uses about 80% to 85% of the material from the first book, with appropriate changes to explain how higher education has priced itself out of range for many Americans, and how they would be better off getting into self employment right away and purchasing educational services as needed, and at much lower cost. The ability of Americans to shell out $50,000 per year for 4 years of college for each child has been taken away by a variety of factors, including political corruption, outsourcing, globalization, and (I might add) the failure of too many Americans to support reform parties such as the NYS Green Party.

The 3rd book (the best, I believe, and the one most relevant to my election campaign), is Saving Main Street and Its Retailers (self-published, $19.95, paperback). This book introduces and develops the concept of the Town Attorney General, and I further develop the concept in my 2005 website Town Attorney General.

All 3 books are described and may be purchased in their paperback edition through Lawmall Website for Person's 3 Books - Paperback Edition.

Just for historical purposes, I also wrote a best-selling hardcover book published by Doubleday (now out of print) entitled "The Save-by-Borrowing Technique", which discussed the various ways in which the average person could obtain borrowing leverage in a broad range of investment types.

Wal-Mart Cartoon Commissioned by Carl E. Person

Here is a political cartoon recently created according to Carl Person's specifications:

Cartoon Showing Wal-Mart Carting Away Entire Town While Residents Smile at Their Nickel and Dime Savings

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Picture of Carl Person Dressed as a Solicitor General - Person Attired as Solicitor General

Another Picture of Carl Person - Picture of Carl Person

Seal Designed for a Town Attorney General - Seal for Town Attorney General

(Note: The Town Attorney General does not exist at the writing of this website, and never has existed in the United States. But the office should exist, to protect the nation's citizens, other residents and small businesses from destructive exploitation by the major corporations of the world.)

Carl Person's Mayoral Campaign Poster - Fullsize Campaign Poster and Thumbnail Campaign Poster

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